Deeper. Further. Bolder.

i3 was founded in 2016 by Noga Kap and Eran Wagner with the mission to invest in tech companies that are developing innovative solutions to real-world problems with the potential to transform large markets.

Working hand-in-hand with our entrepreneurs, we provide our companies the support they need to reach product market fit and surpass it.

Let’s break boundaries together… let’s leave a mark!

Our Companies

We invest in scientific promise with high business potential. We are not just a milestone for our companies, we are a compass gauging market ambit and capacity for rapid growth.


Frontegg provides a platform where SaaS companies can set up their fully managed, scalable and brand-aware – SaaS features and integrate them into their SaaS portals with just several lines of code.


Hedgify is a margin certainty platform. Our mission is to help businesses to actively manage their production margins with confidence. Our products protect bottom lines while growing operations further.


Nanofabrica brings the power of 3D printing to precision manufacturing. Their patent pending technology opens new markets for 3D printing such as: sensors, robotics, optics electronics and more.


Oxeye is a Code-to-Cloud Application Security Platform, running across all stages of the SDLC, continuously surfacing, prioritizing, and assisting in remediating critical application risks – code vulnerabilities, vulnerable open source packages, hardcoded secrets, and flawed licenses. By leveraging our runtime-fueled prioritization engine and static scanners, Oxeye allows the removal of ~92% of the irrelevant vulnerabilities that are not exploitable within the application environment.

Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics revolutionizes infrastructure monitoring by using existing optical fibers to monitor critical large-scale infrastructure like power grids and oil & gas pipelines for thousands of kilometers, eliminating the need to install sensors.


TULU’s in-building physical and digital platform provides urban residents with convenient, on-demand access to household appliances and essentials right at their fingertips. Fueled by real-time usage data, the platform continuously learns consumer behaviors, enabling Tulu to offer actionable insights to brands.


Vanti automates data science for technologists. It is an intutive, code-free platform delivering actionable insights that can be implemented across the lifecycle of products, from exploration through production.


Xtend extends humanity skywards by empowering people to interact with drones and other unmanned machine technologies. It enables individuals to expand their present experience and utilize remote physical realities (XR) anywhere in the world.


Zencity helps government agencies build trust with the communities that they serve. As the world’s leading public engagement platform, serving over 300 agencies and 120M people, our AI-powered suite leverages digital access to understand comprehensive community needs and priorities, and help agencies take action on them.


Frontegg provides a platform where SaaS companies can set up their fully managed, scalable and brand-aware – SaaS features and integrate them into their SaaS portals with just several lines of code.

You have a profound breakthrough and a thesis-driven product? We’ll help you see beyond your barriers and imagine change on a global scale.

The Partners

We are passionate about pre-seed. It’s where the magic happens, where founder’s ambitions and aspirations are most palpable, fragile and pure. It is a visionary stage where scientific and technological breakthroughs, managed risk, business models, verticals for growth and the building of lean frameworks all converge. A phase in the birth of a company riddled with existential challenges and personal rewards. Money aside, it is a time when everything is possible, from sparking change at the micro-level, to changing the way people think about their future. It is a time many founders later reflect on fondly.

From the pigeon-hole, even the founders with the greatest breakthroughs feel like pigeons. i3 is different in that way…

– Jon Donner, CEO Nanoifabrica (exited 2021)

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